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Do you have enough insurance coverage?

Posted Feb 23rd, 2016 in General

Do you have enough insurance coverage?

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week.

Insurance is such a huge topic and a topic that is brought up on a regular basis. Do YOU have enough insurance coverage?

Everyone thinks they have enough insurance coverage until it is needed. My advice to you is to make sure you have the right protection from the right provider. Ask questions and lots of them! What is your pre-existing clause? Do you have a good health clause? What happens if you lose your job?  Can you return your vehicle? Can you use your policy more than once? No one wants to think they might get sick, die or lose their jobs but it does happen and the best way to protect is to have the best coverage that is available. I repeat ASK QUESTIONS!

That's my advice for today! Have questions for me? Simply ASK :)

Have a great week!