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Denny Dealer Services is your one-stop shop for all your F&I requirements plus gap and creditor insurance, protection services, warranty and dealer loyalty programs.

detailed and protected sports car at dealership

Offering pristine service, Denise and the team will ensure your dealership is up-to-date, and moving forward to produce that 100% dealer satisfaction record! We are only a phone call away.

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  • Protective Coatings

    Denny Dealer Services is pleased to bring you a selection of protective coatings from ECP, Technician's Choice, The Protector and AutoProtekto. 
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  • Gap & Creditor Insurance

    Denny Dealer Services has just the right product to offer your auto customers including gap and creditor insurance from First Class, Vehicle Armour, Northbridge, and Simplify 4N1.
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  • Protection

    Denny Dealer Services represents a variety of products for protection of your customers' vehicles. Your business office and your service areas will perform well generate more income with the availability of these products and services.  
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  • Warranty

    Cars, trucks, RVs and even ATVs require the protection of added warranty coverage to protect owners from a variety of issues.
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  • Denny's Detailing

    For car dealerships, auto service centres and detailing shops, Denny's Atlantic Detailing Products is your one-stop supplier in Canada. Contact us today.
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