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What makes you different?

Posted Apr 5th, 2016 in General

What makes you different?

Good Afternoon,

Hope you're all having a great week :) 

Today I wanted to address the question : What makes you different?

So what makes YOU different? Do you ever look at yourself through your customers eyes? Through your competitors' eyes? What are we all trying to achieve and how do we go about it that makes us different? The one place to start is customer service. How many times do you email without a response and then ask - did you receive my email? And if you didn’t answer your email? Do you look people in the eye when talking or avoid, look at your phone or just lack of interest. Do you call people back? Do you step up and say can I help or that isn’t my job?

I believe that what makes Denny Marketing different is that we listen, activate and respond very quickly. We listen to what our customers say. Atlantic Canada has the largest rate of pre-existing conditions (1 in 3 have a condition!). We often hear: Can you help us with that? We found insurance that covers what you have today after 12 months. We were asked - our customers are trading out early and adding deficit to their current loans that is not covered by insurance - we brought out gap insurance that is a “loan” insurance whatever is left owing after your insurance company pays we pay the difference. We were asked - our customers are trading in earlier and have not used their warranty or have used their warranty and there is still time left - we have warranty for that as well you can give your customers back the full pro rata credit even if they have used it! Plus it is a warranty company that has been around since the 50’s we have owners putting CoverageOne on their vehicles. We are tired of curb damage not being covered by our current tire/rim provider - DAA is one of the largest roadside companies out there and yes they cover curb damage. 

When you exceed customer’s expectations you succeed. The more information that you give your clients the more that they will trust you!

Have any questions? Please reach out! We would love to hear from you :)

Have a great week!