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Unhappy Customers

Posted Jun 24th, 2016 in General

Unhappy Customers

Happy Friday!

Hope you are all enjoying this amazing weather in Halifax! I know I already did a blog post this week but I saw this article and wanted to share it with you all.
You can refer to the article I’m speaking of below:
This article is not meant to judge but to make people aware. I did not partake in the sale of either of these vehicles, but what I can say is that there are always 3 sides to each story. My experience in the sale of a vehicle after working in this industry for over 30 years is that when a customer purchase a vehicle they are excited but also overwhelmed due to the amount of paperwork needed to review and the limited amount of funds available to opt to purchase every product offered. There are so many options for extended service plans no wonder people are confused. 

What I can say being a representative of a very reputable warranty company that is a manufacturer based program a lot of times the decision is based on price and not on quality of program. Customers need to be offered both -warranties that have caps on repairs and limits and other programs that actually pay the repair facility retail price and repairs up to the original retail price for the vehicle. Given a choice the customer knows the offer has been made and that it is THEIR decision not a decision made for them. I am disturbed when reading articles like this as I believe we all pay for this, usually the clients that have the lesser coverage are the ones that need the best coverage available. 

I represent CoverageOne warranty and I can say that with 7 years representing this program I do not get complaints even from Service Departments. In this situation not only would CoverageOne had paid the full repair but if the customer wanted to trade the vehicle the next day they would get a pro rata refund to purchase a new warranty! No warranty out there is perfect but if explained and given the ultimate coverage your customer will come back for more. Customers and Dealers need to ask for more information with regards to warranty to make sure they both have the best they can have. 

Have any questions concerning this situation? Just ask! I’d love to help.

Have a great weekend!