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We have a new addition to the team! Welcome Matt Garagan!

Posted Nov 24th, 2016 in General

We have a new addition to the team! Welcome Matt Garagan!

Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends!

Today I'm very proud to say we have a new addition to the team! A big warm welcome to Matt Garagan! Matt will be looking after all of our detail products, service and parts. He will also be able to train our customers on application of chemical products

Here's a little bit more details from Matt's perspective:

"My specialized background is in Science, where I attended Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke Quebec for my undergraduate degree in BSc. Recently graduated, I am ecstatic to come on board the Denny Marketing team as a ECP detail specialist. Starting out as a young paper boy entrepreneur, I moved on to a lifeguarding position at the local YMCA before being taken on at Brightwood Golf and Country Club as their bartender. Working at Brightwood I was able to develop great social skills, being involved with members of all ages. I have worked in both detail shops as well as the ECP training center located in Chicago. With a background in science, I am able to link the chemistry behind the products with the demands of our customers, creating a more personalized relationship. I am looking forward to helping out and sharing my knowledge with all Denny Marketing clients to the best of my abilities."

We are very excited to have Matt on our team! If you have any questions as to what products/applications that you may need in the future we are always here for you!

Until next week,