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The season of giving not receiving

Posted Dec 4th, 2016 in General

The season of giving not receiving Happy Sunday!

This time of year is not always a happy season for many people. If you are alone and without money or direction, this can be a particularly sad time.

Since I began working at the age of 14 I have always appreciated what I have and have passed it forward. Over the years I have helped with various organizations for the less fortunate especially during the holiday season. In the past I have worked with a group of Business people in Dartmouth that hosted a gift giving and gift purchasing run for children with single parents, supported entire families from the toys, to the meals on Christmas Day at Souls Harbour, Food Bank and even friends that have been in need. I have fond memories of Christmas Daddies where we would be decorating our tree waiting for our name to appear on the screen!  
Many of us are blessed with the lives we live. We may find things tight at times but always seem to manage. I cannot even imagine going days without food, heat or water, the simple things in life. When you give it is a part of this season for it is truly about giving rather than receiving. 

So many Dealers this time of year support local charities and I’m proud to share with you the details. Cars R Us hosts an amazing Annual Toy. They have customers dropping off vanloads of toys!

Harvard Auto Sales’s showroom is full of food/supplies to be donated thru the local church. These are just a few examples of the dealers’ generosity. I have another store that year round donates a part of the deal to help build schools and churches in Haiti.

Automotive Dealers give year round! It’s the first choice for auctions, teams, runs and sponsors! If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle this time of year help support the charities they support. Always remember that it takes all of us to make the world a better place. 

Have a great day!

Until next time,