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My favourite article of 2016!

Posted Jan 12th, 2017 in General

My favourite article of 2016!


If you haven't had a chance to read this article yet, do yourself a favour and read it! Such a great feel good story!

A Syrian family in Antigonish, N.S., says they're financially independent on their one-year anniversary in Canada, having made a sweet success of their start-up business.

This must be one of my most favourite articles of 2016! Not only is it heartwarming but it also shows you that if you persevere and offer what your customer wants instead of what you think they need that the support will be there. And bonus they will come back for more! It goes to prove the theory that if you give your customers the best you can and the best service you can that it doesn’t matter where you come from, the quality always matters. It’s very simple math. 

My great grandmother came to Nova Scotia with her 2 brothers from England at the age of 12.  I couldn’t even imagine leaving your home at that age! Let alone coming across an ocean to another country in search of a better chance in life. My great grandmother ended up in Antigonish country where she became a “nanny” and ended up meeting my great grandfather who hailed from Ecum Secum. They moved to Ecum Secum and raised a family that still continues to grow there. I’m very proud that Canada gave my great grandmother a chance to enjoy and start a new life. Canada is a very diverse country and I’m so proud to call Canada home.

Did this article make you feel you good? Have you tried these chocolates? I know I will be supporting them in the future!

Have a great week :)

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