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What did they Say No To?

Posted Jan 25th, 2017 in General

What did they Say No To?
As business managers we can point to that great sale that we turned a good profit on. When the customer took joint life and a warranty or warranty and a full chemical package. Good for you for this sale! You have done both your client and your dealer principal a great service by offering your clients a great product that they saw value in and took advantage of the protection. My question here is “ WHAT DID THEY SAY NO TO?” Let me share a short story with you.

 **Harold, a young clothing salesman showed up to work at approximately 9:30am and everyone said their Hellos, Coffee and Donuts ect. At 10:00am the doors to the store opened. Since Harold was the first salesman of the day he had first up. Does this sound familiar?

Next walked in a finely dressed gentleman who announces that he wants to buy an entire wardrobe of clothing and within thirty minutes, Harold has his biggest sale ever. After the customer left the manager went over and told Harold “Nice Sale Kid” His chest puffed out with pride. The manager didn’t look overly impressed then finally asked  “ I’m curious, what did that customer say no to?” “What do you mean?” Harold said “He bought a suit, sport coat, three shirts, six ties, shoes, socks, a belt and underwear. What do you mean what did he say no to?” Harold mentally reviewed the sale and then replied “Nothing the customer said no to nothing”. Then the manager said something to Harold that made him think. “ Then how did you know he was done?.

A lot of times when the customer has hit our mental limit or has hit a limit that we feel “ If I go any further and offer anymore he will reject everything”. By not offering your client every product you have you are both maximizing the sale and also protecting your dealer principal and your dealership.

This was taken from the book Go For No.

Happy Selling and have a great week!

Until next week,

Michael Lynds 
Denny Marketing Ltd