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How did it happen?????

Posted Mar 3rd, 2017 in General

How did it happen????? Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a great week and have some great plans for the weekend J I have a full day ahead and will dive right into this week’s topic!

As  Business owners, we see companies come and go and it often makes us wonder “ How did that happen?”. They seem to be doing so well.  I truly believe that sometimes as we grow we forget what got us there in the first place. At times having the drive & motivation is a great trait but don’t mess that up and only focus on profit at the disadvantage of the customer. Never think you are above the qualities of someone else and always want to learn the  new things and technologies that are arising.  We are in a fast-changing world and when you forget to change and adapt to the changes, it is guaranteed that you will lose customers. We often tend to forget  that it is always a choice for the customer to work with us. Always give them choices and never assume that you know what the customer wants.  Pressure is no longer an advantage but often a disadvantage. Customers will walk away from pressure or if they do decide to stay they are uncomfortable with the process. If the customer feels a part of the process and is respected throughout the process they will be happy with the business and will continue to do business there.

Recently a friend of mine and her husband were out shopping for a vehicle and the salesperson did not talk to the female at all and avoided her but spoke directly to the husband. My friend then posted on social media that they will definitely not be purchasing the vehicle from said location.  The questions then started and the first one being:  1) Was he old?  To everyone’s surprise he wasn’t.  Now you wonder “How did that happen?” We have a new society that should know better! 80% of car purchases are decided by a woman. I’m very aware that this specific Dealer does a lot of training so how does one person control the sales of this store and not realize they have done wrong? Simple, we often forget how to talk to people. We are so in tuned to social media that we have lost the personal contact and the reality of sales. Trying to follow a process and not deal direct and be real you will lose. People will buy from those they like and no amount of training, reading, social media will ever change this. 

As always if you have any questions/concerns regarding this post please contact me.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!