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Happy New Year

Posted Jan 5th, 2018 in General

Happy New Year

This is a time to reflect, to pause and then fast forward!


I see a lot of articles being posted – “How to increase your sales”

                                                                “Let us offer training on presentations”

                                                                “Online car sales – not effective – why would customers purchase online?”


                                                             “Lowest Price guaranteed”

                                                              “No Hassle”


Who is this directed to? Sit back and look at what is being said. You are telling customers that sales need to increase,  presentations should not be about sales it should be about options, online car sales – why is the customer going that way, when you advertise “Sale” it eliminates quality, “lowest price guaranteed” customer has already done their homework they will negotiate, and there should never be a hassle purchasing a vehicle.


Even in this digital age Sales is Sales period, know your product and your competitors, listen to what the customer is saying – ask them questions about their needs and wants, see if they have a list of must haves, treat others how you wish to be treated don’t be phony, be real! When purchasing my last vehicle I had 4 must haves it wasn’t about the sale, online, no hassle it was about being in my payment comfort zone, having the options and most importantly it was how I was treated. If a customer does not feel they are treated well in the Sales Process they will not buy. Have a look at who you work with and see how they present themselves to the customers – is that how you imagine yourself to be? Don’t over-promise customers can see that a mile away, I used to always say do you want warm and fuzzy or the truth?


Customers are being pushed online because it is easy,  fast and customer driven. There are stores that are delivering to the customers' door – who would ever think you could order your groceries online?

You can sit back and ignore the changes or you can adjust and make it the best 2018 has to offer!