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Gap and Creditor Insurance Offerings

Denny Marketing Ltd. offers a variety of insurance programs for your dealership to offer customers including vehicle insurance, gap and creditor insurance. 

GAP simply explained:

GAP products are intended to do just what the name implies – fill a gap.
This product covers the difference between the loan amount, financing or lease value on the vehicle, and the actual cash value offered by the customer's primary insurer in the event of a Total Loss.

It is meant to cover the gap between the amount paid by the primary insurance company and the amount the customer still owes to their creditor for the vehicle.


What is Gap Protection? 
GAP is a type of protection that covers a purchaser’s finance agreement against the difference between the amount of money owed on vehicle loan at the time of a total loss and the amount paid for the vehicle from the purchaser’s insurance company. 

F1rst Class Warranty ServicesHow Does First Class Gap Work? 
Balance owing on loan $18,000 
Insurance settlement 11,000 
Difference (Shortfall or GAP) 7,000 
Loyalty bonus* 500 
Gap Protection Pays $7500 
*$500 Loyalty Bonus is a credit applied to the purchase price of a replacement vehicle purchased from the same dealer/retailer 

vehicle-armourVehicle Armour

  • Peace of mind coverage choices include Life, Critical Illness, Accidental Disability, and Involuntary Loss of Employment. Approved by all major lenders and manufacturers.

Northbridge Gap InsuranceNorthbridge 

  • GAP insurance coverage
  • Canadian insurance company
  • Perfect for RV and powersports  
  • Up to 240 months coverage
  • Cancelable , covers the full amount of the loan


  • Accidental Death Outstanding 
  • Accidental Disability Advantage
  • Involuntary Unemployment / Job Loss

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