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What do I really do for a living?

Posted Jan 6th, 2016 in General

What do I really do for a living?

Happy 2016 everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday and are back at your desk refreshed and ready to conquer the world.. well not really the world but you understand right?

I'm often asked " What do you do for a living?" and I am usually hesitant to say I represent extended warranty. I will quickly recommend my other products but for some reason extended warranty is often harder to say. It's a great product so I'm not sure why I am hesistant.

The extended warranty I represent is one of the BEST out there for consumers - you can cancel anytime and get “FULL” pro rata back even if you have used the warranty. The reason why I hold back is the fact that other programs out there do not do what they say they do - and what happens then? The consumer has to pay - they don’t cover diagnosis , they nickel and dime on parts, they won’t pay door rate or how long it should pay for the repair. If you are towed in and it turns out to be a battery - they won’t cover you because the part is not covered.

With that said I believe what we need to do is to start educating the customer! Make sure what you purchase for extended warranty is the best that is being offered out there. I have absolutely no problem saying CoverageOne is that warranty. “

Have any questions about this? Please contact me I'll gladly answer them :)