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Do you think Car Salesmen are Trustworthy?

Posted Jan 20th, 2016 in General

Do you think Car Salesmen are Trustworthy?

Hello from Snowy Nova Scotia!

When you hear the word Car Salesmen.. What do you think?

For the majority, consumers believe "Car sales people" to be the least trustworthy people, this is unless you have purchased from them in the past. With social media hitting the scene, we in the car business have become much more aware of our surroundings as well as customer service. Don’t get me wrong there may still exist some that don’t understand the importance of being upfront and honest with their customers. Some sales people still feel the need to hide things from the customer. However for the most part sales people need the customer to return, repurchase and repair at the facility so lying isn't an option or recommended!

No Dealer wants a client to have issues such as: their vehicle breaking down, rust , a client to lose their job, have a car accident/stolen, loss of key - dings or dents, or become sick and definitely not pass on, but unfortenately these things happen on a daily basis. Customers have many wants and needs when it comes to vehicles (power windows, air conditioning, navigation etc) and these wants come with a price. There's many things that can affect cars that is out of one's control such as our weather conditions ( Snow needing salt which can result in rust), dings and dents in smaller parking lots or tight spaces or misplaced keys.  The cancer rates, diabetes and heart disease are also on the rise which re-enforces our reasons to protect our clients. Extended warranties exist to protect our car loan from the unforeseen - a car payment next to our mortgage/rent is the the highest payment we have. An extended warranty should be in the budget  for what we really need to pay for: the unknown. Things happen and in most cases when you really can't afford it.

My closing remarks to you today is : Make sure you review every program out there , there are new products being launched and with needs changing you may say no to something you may need in the future!

Do you have questions after reading this blog? Please contact me! I always love to answer questions.

Until next week,