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Life lessons

Posted Mar 1st, 2016 in General

Life lessons

Hello Everyone,

What a gorgeous day in Halifax! I'm 100% ok if we skip ahead to Spring and avoid anymore snow and winter in general. 

Today I am not going to talk about products, process or training. Today I'm choosing to tell you a story about how we conduct ourselves not only in business but in life in general.

My Father had always been in the automotive business and had a pretty good reputation for being in that industry for over 50 years! I remember when I first started and wanted to be a Service Writer (as one just left his position) first of all I was told “girls don’t do that job” which I quickly gave reasons why a girl should do that job. The second thing I was told and have always remembered is  “treat everyone with respect you never know where and what position they will hold some day - the detailer could be the General Manager , the parts person could be the Fixed Operation Manager, etc.

How powerful are these words? We often forget that none of us started at the top or that respect is given. Both of these are earned. Who remembers you more the one you treated with respect or the one you didn’t? Life has a way of coming around and you just never know who knows who? I met with a Dealer recently and he asked me about a cruise we did a couple of years ago in the Mediterranean - he wanted to know my favourite spot and when I said Malta - he then told me that is where he is from , I wonder how that conversation would have went if I said it was my least favourite.  Always think before you speak!

This is my 2 cents for the week. Hope you enjoyed!

Until next week!