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The new car experience

Posted May 25th, 2016 in General

The new car experience

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are all rested from the Victoria Day weekend and that you are having a great week.
This week I wanted to discuss purchasing a new vehicle. Purchasing a vehicle (new or used) can be a very stressful experience.  There are SO many choices! Not to mention personalities to deal with, financing options and of course the Internet!  I believe the best way to start your purchase is to do your own research. Write down what is important to you for options and what vehicles have those specific options. The next step is to physically drive your final choices, I suggest doing this even before you discuss pricing.  The reason I suggest to do it in this order is if you don’t like the vehicle the price will not matter and you won’t have wasted your time. Also make sure you are dealing with a salesperson you can relate to, one that understands your needs, explains the importance of servicing at the dealership and explains the financing options. If you are not comfortable at one dealership I suggest you find somewhere that you are!  Buying a new vehicle is a big step and a long-term commitment. In many occasions we in the business forget as well that it isn’t just about numbers (as the first thing we are asked - how much?) it is better to slow down the process for if the customer isn’t comfortable with their purchase you have lost the next sale. Pricing can always be determined for interest as rates have never been so low and leasing is making a comeback if you are within your means usually the price will happen. The Internet brought on a newfound knowledge of where pricing should be. Before making the big purchase make sure you are purchasing the vehicle that you really want and are going to love! 
Once upon a time the sale of the vehicle and profit was most important but that has now changed ten fold and the importance has switched to future loyalty. Have you noticed how much money is spent on advertising to earn your business? No matter how much the “internet world” adds to the vehicle purchasing experience the fact still is that most customers still want to reach out and touch the new or “newer” vehicle.

Relationships are still VERY important. If you aren’t happy about your experience speak up! Give the Dealership the opportunity to fix it the situation and make you a happy customer! 

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

Have a great week!

Until next time,