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Loyal Customers.. Do they exist?

Posted Aug 19th, 2016 in General

Loyal Customers.. Do they exist?

Good Afternoon from Sunny Halifax,

I’ve been a little MIA on the blog this summer and honestly don’t have a big excuse except it’s been a great summer in Halifax and we are enjoying it to the fullest! I’ve had many conversations this summer with dealerships and the conversation always tend to lead to the same topic. What are YOU doing to be different in service? What extra steps do YOU take to keep your customers? Do you keep up with specific situations or do YOU only find out when it blows out of proportion? How do YOU change a bad experience? Are YOUR products the best they can be out there? Do YOU know what products are out there or are YOU “too” comfortable with the company you deal with now? Do YOU exceed customer’s expectations or just do your job? Is YOUR CSI important or just a number? 

Here's a great article that I read recently about Loyal Customer. 

Loyal Customers: Who and Where Are They?

While working with Walt Disney World I learned the most amazing thing!  It isn’t the big things that make customers unhappy it’s the little things that frustrate as well as the silent customers that hurt your business more than the more vocal customers. With the vocal customers you at least have the chance to keep that customer. The silent ones simply go away and you have no idea what you did wrong and if you could save them. I hear all the time  “We want to put a CoverageOne Warranty on this vehicle we are selling to our family/friend.” If you are offering this warranty to family and friends shouldn’t you be offering it to all your customers? If it is the best then deliver it! If you make a promise then keep it! 

I recently spoke with an agent who had lunch with some of my warranty competitors and he mentioned that I must hate the regular phone calls with complaints about warranty repairs and I can honestly say that we do not get those phone calls. We actually get Service Managers that say thank you for delivering the real deal. I’m not saying that all warranty companies are bad however it is how a customer perceives the plan for warranties as it cost a lot of money and if there are exclusions it is upsetting to have to pay for that. Regular maintenance and cosmetics are expected but repairs are not. 

In today’s world everyone can check pricing online, customers can check reviews, customers can share bad experiences when purchasing a vehicle but how often are good experiences shared? What are YOU willing to do to get new business or keeping your current customers? Offering prizes and money may close the initial deal but I can guarantee that without the best customer service experience out there you just created a shopper for the next best prize. Offering the best programs and delivering the best customer service is a great way to start. Do not promise something you cannot deliver each and every time. 
Have any questions? As always feel free to ask :)

Have a great weekend and see you next week!