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What is YOUR why?

Posted Sep 29th, 2016 in General

What is YOUR why?


Hope you all are having a great week and that you have a full happy weekend planned ahead!

I was in training last week with my team and our trainer asked " What is your why?" after asking this question we watched this video, How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek TED 

It was probably one of the hardest questions I have been ever asked because we always get what we offer, definitely know our products inside and out and know our competitors inside and out but do we know our why? Why are we doing what we do every day?

I was in a meeting doing a presentation and the General Manager asked me  " How do you keep getting these new products? " And that's when I knew that I found my why! After working in the Dealership life for over 25 years it has always been part of my job to protect the Dealer as well as the customers. The process cannot be changed no matter what side you're on.

Our why is simple - WE LISTEN - if a Dealership cannot sell a vehicle because of a smell , we found the fix, we live in an area where pre-existing conditions exist and most insurance companies will not insure, we found an insurance company that will, loan deficits extremely high so if the vehicle was a loss and a balance left , we found GAP insurance thru one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, tired of rust proofing not doing its job , found a chemical ……..You ask and we will deliver, our job is to watch the market and see what new products are coming into it and how it protects in all matters, from the front to the back and most important the Customer.

What is YOUR why?

Have questions? As always simply ask :)

Until next time!