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New to Car Sales? 8 Things You’ll Need to know to survive and prosper

Posted Feb 1st, 2017 in General

New to Car Sales? 8 Things You’ll Need to know to survive and prosper


It's Steve Allard this week.

Here's some tips if you're new to car sales.

A career in automotive sales can be prosperous and rewarding.  But ask anyone who’s been in the business for a while what they remember most about the first few years, and most will tell you that they basically remember 3 things; a) long hours, b) having too few clients, and 3) Basic financial starvation.

Building your book of business from scratch will probably be the most challenging thing you’ll have to do in this career, but the good news is that there are several things that you can do to improve your chances of business survival and prosperity.  Here are 8 essential business lessons you need to learn as soon as possible.       

Lesson #1. You must learn to swim in the water, it's your only chance

When you’re new at something, there is no amount of knowledge that’s sufficient enough for you to not feel like you're new.  You can't learn to swim unless you’re in the pool, and you can’t learn to play the piano if you don't sit at the keyboard...learn as you go.

Lesson #2:  Don't make the #1 mistake that people who fail in car business make… concentrate on who you know first!

Marilyn Jennings, author of Champion Seller, says that there are 4 best kinds of clients:

The Best Client: Someone knows you and who has done business with you
2nd Best Client: Someone who knows you, but has never done business with you
3rd Best Client: Someone who is referred to you by a trusted professional.
4th Best Client: Someone who does not know you,  and has never done business with you.

Prospect to all 4 categories, but your best chance of success lies with group #1, followed by group 2, etc...

Tip for Group #4:  the only way you’ll succeed quickly with this group is if you either speak to a lot of them, or are extremely polished and gain the trust of people rather quickly.  Not a lot of people have that ability (although most believe they have it)

Lesson #3:  Constantly be Polishing your knowledge and your skills

People will judge you on what you know, and how serious you are about your skills.  The more knowledge you acquire about your product and business processes, the less your inexperience will be an issue.  Know your products well, learn your inventory, understand all available programs, know your competition inside out, and most importantly, listen to clients more than u speak.

Lesson #4 : Don't take success tips from the people working around you who aren't making it

Seriously, just don't.

Lesson #5.  If you're not working with someone right now, then work nights and weekends

You have to get in front of people looking to buy or sell cars.  And if you aren't going to tap into your network, then you have to put yourself in front of strangers.

Lesson #6. Practice Practice Practice

If you're not delivering cars, servicing customers, or working with prospective buyers, then you're out looking for your next clients.  Only once all that is done, are you sharpening your product and presentation skills.  

Always be working on one of these above-mentioned things.  Anything else is a complete waste of your time (from a business perspective).

Lesson #7. Your greatest weapon in any negotiation right now is your sales managers.  Use them! Use them! Use them! Bring them everything!

Lesson #8:  It's better to have 1 client that you service the heck out of than 5 clients you never contact or hear from. 

Have any questions? As always simply ask :)

Have a great week,

Denny Marketing Ltd